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Cadia Healthcare Facility Data

***For the purposes of close contact with the resident, all visitors shall be considered unvaccinated, unless the visitor(s) willingly shows evidence of being fully vaccinated. An individual’s vaccination status is considered confidential information. If you choose to show proof of vaccination, we encourage you to bring a copy of your vaccination card to your scheduled visit.

Again, just a reminder, all visitations will be by appointment only. Please call the facility to schedule a visit.

In order to keep our communities informed, we will be providing data for each center. This data will be updated daily.

Daily Covid Data

Updated 10/23/21

***Visitation guidelines for each facility is determined by the individual State and County Department of Health with guidance from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The guidelines for reopening or closing the facility to visitation will be passed along to you through our daily website postings as the State and Country Department of Health allow/disallow visitations in our centers. 

Weekly Covid Stats for Week 10/15/21 – 10/21/21

Updated 10/22/21

Our Facilities have been proactive and have undertaken to adhere to federal and state guidance on mitigating risk of COVID-19 to our residents and staff members. Our safety precautions include:

1. Restricting access to permit only essential healthcare providers in our Facilities;

2. Conduct screenings of all essential healthcare providers for fever and symptoms of COVID-19;

3. Education for essential workers and residents on Infection Control, including COVID-19

4. Providing all staff the supplies necessary to adhere to CDC’s Infection Prevention and Control Practices recommendations;

5. Requiring residents to shelter in place and cancelling all social activities including restricting access to the dining hall;

6. Evaluate residents every shift for fever and symptoms of COVID-19;

7. Testing symptomatic residents for COVID-19; and

8. Creating a separate isolation unit for those residents with or who are suspected to have COVID-19

Our efforts will continue until the COVID-19 pandemic is contained. Our clinical team and medical directors are working closely with local and state health officials about the appropriate steps to serve the best interests of our patients, residents, and staff. Cadia Healthcare cares for its residents and staff and has systems in place to protect everyone in our care. Our dedicated healthcare team will keep you updated of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases on our website at As always, if you have questions please direct them to the Facility Administrator and the Director of Nursing at the Center.